Artists, journalists and publishers about Sarah's photography:

>> Sarah's photography is impressive. <<
V. Shields, Black Moss Press

>> Sarah's photos and artwork are stunning and beautiful. <<     
T.M. Chuck, Shabda Press

>> Absolutely lovely work. <<     
J. Summerfield, publisher

>> The photos are impressive. <<
M. Mirolla, Guernica Editions

>> We admire Sarah's photography - just beautiful work. <<
D. Bowen, senior editor at New American Press

>> Beautiful photographs! <<
L. Reeves, Pardalote Press

>> It's a really great set of photographic images. Excellent work. <<
Christian Lukather, editor and graphic designer, The Writing Disorder

>> I'm very impressed with her work! <<
Melissa Rothman, graphic designer and editor, Whirlwind Magazine
>> Wonderful photography. - ...beautiful images! Sarah's work is lovely and evocative. <<
Mary Akers, r.kv.r.y. Quarterly Literary Journal

>>The photography is beautiful.<<
Mark Givens, Pelekinesis Press


>> Wonderful photography! <<
Paul Neads, Flapjack Press United Kingdom
>> What a talented young woman. <<
Mick Kennedy, editor, Heartland Review
>> Good work. <<
Wayne Atherton, senior editor, The Cafe Review

>> Sarah's work is beautiful. <<
Shihlovo Shishavele, Penguin Books South Africa

>> Sarah's portfolio is so vivid and her artwork is simply amazing. <<
Joanne L. Raymond, Fish Food Magazine editor

>> The photos are beautiful <<
Kilian Czuba, Art Editor, Cactus Heart Press
>> These are some neat images, that make a real statement about the structure of the ordinary, built environment and mobility. We like them a lot, and we're quite happy to publish them. <<
Katie & Maxine, editors of the Buffalo Almanack Magazine

>> This photography is amazing. <<
Krisma, editor of the Diverse Voices Quarterly
>> Fantastic work! <<
Josh Smith, Bedlam Publishing

>> The photos are lovely; they're visual poetry, in fact <<
Vuong Vu, editor, Tourane Poetry Press
>> Sarah’s de facto the first person to have her art featured on the front (of Empty Sink Publishing). <<
Adam Dubbin, publisher, Empty Sink Publishing

>> Beautiful work <<
Katherine Barrett, editor, Understorey Magazine, Canada
>> Sarah's work is stunning <<
Nancy Scott, U.S.1 Worksheets editorHer work is beautiful!
Amy Toland, Miami University Press Managing Editor

>> Those photographs are amazing! <<
Mariellen Eaton, Tilbury House Publishers

>> Sarah’s website is an embarrassment of riches! <<
Rob Cook, Skidrow Penthouse Magazine

>> Sarah's photographs are amazing. <<
Sue Sims, Poetryspace Publishing

>> Nice work! <<
Ashland Poetry Press, USA

>> Her photographs are excellent. <<
Fredric Price, Founder and Publisher of Fig Tree Books LLC

>> Marvelously striking photographs! <<
Merrill Leffler, Dryad Press, Maryland

>> She has real talent and should go far. <<
Scott C. Davis, Founder of Cune Press

>> Her photos are gorgeous. <<
Lisa Frank, Doire Press
>> Sarah’s work is lovely. <<
Naomi, Heliotrope Books

>> It’s always exciting when we can publish talented people from outside of this American bubble! <<
Josh Smith, editor in chief, Bedlam Publishing

>>Nice work.<<
Juliana Spahr, Chain Links Press

>>The pictures are beautiful.<<
Dove Tales, Writing for Peace





Sarahs' Photographien sind veröffentlicht auf Buchcovern, CD-Covern, in Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Anthologien & Literaturmagazinen in Deutschland, der Schweiz, Österreich, Großbritannien, Italien, Neuseeland, den USA und Kanada.

Sarah's photographs are published on book covers, CD covers, in journals, newspapers, collections and literature magazines in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Britain, Italy, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.